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Workers Comp Private Investigator

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Workers Compensation

How do I prove the truth when I’m being taken advantage of?

This is a question many employers have asked when they suspect a fraudulent Workers Compensation claim. Many employees also ask this question telling the truth about a claim, but are accused of making a fraudulent claim.
Workers Comp Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator to discover the truth and become an objective witness is the only reliable (and legal) way to prove or disprove a workers compensation claim. The physical evidence collected by an investigator can include photographs, video, audio, and a personal testimony.

These cases often involve a claim of “reduced range of motion”. The claimant cannot lift objects over a certain weight, or perhaps they cannot lift anything at all. If a private investigator discovers the claimant performing actions contradicting their claim, then fraud can be proved in court.

On the other side of the coin, this employee may indeed be suffering from physical or mental injuries claimed. In this case, an investigation can deliver evidence proving the employee’s truthfulness, and the employer can rest easy knowing due diligence was performed for this claim.

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Civil and Criminal

Incredible attention to procedural details.

Our team lead spent 25+ years working for the Ventura County Sheriff Department on cases as diverse as gang violence, homicide, theft, and missing persons.
Civil and Criminal Private Investigator

This is the level of professionalism and attention to detail lawyers should expect for their clients. Working within the court system highlights the importance of checking the validity of the prosecution’s body of evidence. Small excluded details or overlooked witnesses on the part of the prosecution can be incredibly costly to a defendant.

A client’s liberty, financial well being, and good name is on the line during a Civil or Criminal case. Intrepid Protective Solutions takes this responsibility incredibly seriously, and demands perfection at every stage of the investigation. Years of service as police investigators mean we pay immense attention to the evidence that can exonerate defendants.

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Our lead investigator spent 25 years investigating crime for the Ventura County Sheriff Department. The precision and attention to detail required on the force is mirrored in the service Intrepid Protective Solutions offers in their investigative services.


The Difference is Clear

Intrepid Protective Solutions is a licensed Private Patrol Operator and licensed Private Investigator. Our investigators are covered by our workers comp and general liability insurances. Fly-by-night P.I.s may charge low rates, but what you get in return is the “minimum required effort”. These investigators are rarely insured and hire sub-contractors when they’re busy. There are no shortcuts to a good investigation—the truth is worth the effort.

We Employ Retired Police & Military Veterans

Most investigators on staff are former law enforcement or military. The extensive training and experience of our public servants is unrivaled in the private investigation industry. Giving former service members an outlet to serve at home means our clients get the absolute best private investigators that money can buy, while supporting veterans through monetizing their extensive and hard earned skill set.

It might be attractive to hire a low budget investigator, but these investigators are often young men who’ve not yet learned the hard lessons our veterans were exposed to on a daily basis. The situational awareness, cool headedness, and professionalism of veterans and retired law officers far out paces the expectations of the private investigation establishment. Indeed they set the standard in their public careers and now continue to do so it their private careers.

Retired Military Security Guard


We price based on the needs of each unique customer, and you may be surprised at our affordability. Request your complimentary P.I. assessment now for a quote.

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