Safety and Security is Paramount in an Ever-Changing, Volatile World

Training / Consulting

Active Shooter – Equipping employees with the necessary skills to reduce injury and/or death.

Defensive Tactics / Situational Awareness – Instructing and educating clients on personal defense techniques to ward off would-be attackers and how to minimize the risk of being victimized.

Threat / Risk Assessment – Surveying on-site to point out and eliminate potential gaps in security or unforeseen potential threats to personal safety or property.

Other Services We Offer

Security Services

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Estate & Residential –  Safeguarding you, your loved ones, and your property.

Executive, Corporate, Close protection – Ensuring your safety in public and private settings.

Family Protection – Providing peace of mind during your daily routine (outings, shopping, children’s school drop off/pick up, vacations, etc.).

Work Place Violence – Protecting your employees and property from danger and/or damage that may be brought on by the termination of an employee.

Events – Supplying staff that can be watchful for disruptive behavior, while providing a front line emergency response system to address medical and hazardous conditions that might arise.

Commercial Properties – Creating a working environment conducive to higher net profits for business owners and employees.

Investigation Services

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Workers Compensation – Fact finding for either the employer or disabled employee.

Civil and Criminal – Statement gathering through witness interviews and/or physical evidence discovery.

Sexual Harassment Investigation

Workplace Harassment Investigation