Security Contractors in Encino

Intrepid’s Encino Security Contractors Offer a Variety of Services:

Security Services

  • Intrepid Security Contractors can provide armed or unarmed security officers. Intrepid offers everything from residential and corporate security guards to event control, mobile patrol, and property protection.

Investigation Services

  • Whether you have a concern at home or at your place of work, our investigators will find out what’s really going on in a private and discreet manner.

Training & Consulting

  • Our staff of highly-trained security and safety experts are available to train your employees on how to properly respond if the worst should happen.

Intrepid’s Malibu Security Service Offers:

  • Estate & Residential Security Guards –  Intrepid’s on-site and mobile patrol will protect you, your loved ones, and your property.
  • Executive, Corporate, Close protection – Experienced security officers will ensure your safety in public and private settings.
  • Family Protection – Intrepid’s Security Guards provide peace of mind during your daily routine (outings, shopping, children’s school drop off/pick up, vacations, etc.).
  • Work Place Violence – Protect your employees and property from danger and/or damage that may be brought on by the termination of an employee.
  • K-9 Unit – Canine security officers can detect possible drugs, explosives, and electronic devices or for added personal safety.
  • Event Security – Professional, Courteous and highly-trained staff that can be watchful for disruptive behavior, while providing a front line emergency response system to address medical and hazardous conditions that might arise.
  • Commercial Properties – Create a working environment conducive to higher net profits for business owners and employees.

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