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Residential Security Service

Who is watching your home when your family is away?

Residential Security Service

The answer we hear from many homeowners is, “No one”, However this simply isn’t true. Most thefts are a crime of opportunity. This means that when you think no one is watching your home, it’s actually thieves and opportunists who are watching.

For residential security, the solution is having a physical presence at the home at all times. When our staff worked as a police officers, we saw trends of crime move through an entire neighborhood. People with private security were the hardest targets, so they weren’t affected by the break-ins and thefts that their neighbors were experiencing. Another benefit of having a physical presence at the home is that your family never returns to a cold home. Cold, in this sense, means you don’t know what happened at the property while you were gone or whether any threats or surprises await inside the gate or front door.

This could be as terrifying as a home intruder, or as benign as an appliance fire—though both are equally dangerous. Having a security guard greet your family every time they come home means they’re always safe and the family doesn’t have to carry the burden of situational awareness. Someone else is being paid to be aware of the surroundings, who’s coming and going in the neighborhood, familiar faces of neighbors, and apparent strangers.

Even if a security system and fire alarm is employed at the home, these systems do not always connect to local emergency response systems. A trained guard can alert authorities if a fire has broken out, coordinating efforts and preventing substantial loss with his swift communication. In conclusion a professional security service can save you life, limb, lot of money.

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Business & Workplace Security Service

Home break-ins are terrifying. Business disruptions are terrifying and expensive.

Products, supplies, and office computers can all be replaced, but the trust and confidence of your customers and employees is hard won.

Word travels fast these days. In these troubled times, customers will avoid businesses they don’t feel are safe.

A security breach can cause lasting damage to your business by damaging your client and employee relationships. The true cost of a break in is not shattered glass or lost goods, but lost business and foot traffic. Lost confidence means lost business.
Business Security Service
Workplace security is all about the people. In difficult times a brief loss of self control can cause chaos. Layoffs, the end of a quota period, and customer service disputes all create interpersonal friction. A security guard contains these brief outbursts efficiently and professionally. He doesn’t over-react or under-react because his job is to keep a level head. He prevents loss of goods, bodily injury, and most importantly he preserves trust in all workplace relationships.

Additionally, a security service can ensure all employees receive a safe escort to their vehicle late in the evening, or early in the morning. Many female employees consider security escorts in or out of the workplace a serious job perk. Because it means they don’t have to solely accept the responsibility of protecting themselves. Unfortunately, this is a reality of most women in the workplace and one of the strains of modern society.

Contact us today to see how we can address the unique concerns of your business with our security service. Whether it be a physical presence during layoffs, escorts for employees in high risk areas, or loss prevention during high volume retail events, we have the expertise to deliver on your needs.

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House of Worship Security Service

Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques should be sanctuaries once again.

A house of worship is meant to be just that… A place where people can worship. Unfortunately random acts of violence are on the rise and religious leaders must grapple with this difficult concern.
Church, Synagogue, and Mosque Security Service
We’re learning to live in a more dangerous world. Situational awareness is the most valuable skill possessed by civilians to protect themselves. It is nearly impossible to worship while keeping an eye on the comings and goings of new faces in a crowd, monitoring exits, and worrying about threats. Hiring a private security team means your congregation members can relax. They can turn their minds toward spiritual things, while the pros concern themselves with the safety of the flock.

Let’s make houses of worship the sanctuaries they were always meant to be. We are passionate about offering security service for houses of worship, and consider serving in this way an honor. Fill out the free security assessment request below now.

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A security service’s physical presence projects strength and security, building confidence for clients while deterring any would be malicious actors.

More Services

  • Estate & Residential Safeguarding you, your loved ones, and your property.
  • Executive, Corporate, Close protection Ensuring your safety in public and private settings.
  • Family Protection Providing peace of mind during your daily routine (outings, shopping, children’s school drop off/pick up, vacations, etc.).
  • Work Place Violence Protecting your employees and property from danger and/or damage that may be brought on by the termination of an employee.
  • Events Supplying staff that can be watchful for disruptive behavior, while providing a front line emergency response system to address medical and hazardous conditions that might arise.
  • Commercial Properties Creating a working environment conducive to higher net profits for business owners and employees.


The Difference is Clear

Intrepid Protective Solutions is a licensed Private Patrol Operator and licensed Private Investigator. Our operators are covered by our workers comp and general liability insurances. A fly-by-night security service may charge low hourly rates, but there is a trade-off. In return for low fees the client gets a young person on a cell phone wearing a “security” shirt. These companies rarely buy insurance and hire guards as private contractors instead of employees. If a privately contracted guard injures himself on your property he’ll be coming after you for damages rather than his employer. There are no shortcuts to true security.

We Employ Retired Police & Military Veterans

Most guards on staff are former law enforcement or military. The extensive training and experience of our public servants is unmatched by the private security service industry. Giving former service members an outlet to protect Americans at home means our customers get the absolute best personal protection that money can buy. We also hope to support veterans by monetizing their extensive and hard earned skill set.

It might be attractive to hire a low budget security service to babysit an event, but these guards simply aren’t qualified. These young men learn through experience, which means they learn at a client’s expense. The situational awareness, cool headedness, and professionalism of veterans and retired law officers far out-paces the expectations of the private security establishment. To conclude, they set the standard in their public careers and now continue to do so it their private careers.

Retired Military Security Guard


We price based on the needs of each unique customer, and you may be surprised at our affordability. We charge far less than a break in will cost you. Request your complimentary security assessment now for a quote.

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