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Professional Sexual Harassment Investigations in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Santa Barbara County

Sexual Harassment Investigations Ventura CountyThe Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) defines sexual harassment as acts which include unwelcome sexual advances, inappropriate request for sexual favors, and verbal or physical harassment that are sexual in nature, occurring in the workplace or a learning environment. These acts are characterized as offensive, humiliating, and intimidating for the victim and may incur significant emotional distress. If sexual harassment tends to occur more often or have severely damaged an individual’s overall well-being, then a formal complaint and a corresponding sexual harassment investigation are warranted. When a professional sexual harassment investigation commences, an official warning, counselling, or a mediation process may take place depending on the situation and other factors. If the harassment occurred in the workplace, the victim is generally entitled to outstanding wages and entitlements if s/he has no other option but to leave the job. 

Experienced Sexual Harassment Investigations in Ventura County, Los Angeles County, and Santa Barbara County 

Given the increasing numbers of individuals moving forward on their sexual allegations complaints which is partly fueled by the #MeToo movement within the last few years, many companies faced the tasks of mounting objective sexual harassment investigations. In many cases, the Human Resources Department initially deals with the complaint and handles the sexual harassment investigations themselves. However, there are instances when the harasser is a powerful or high-profile individual within the organization or the HR personnel lack the proper experience and training to conduct a fair inquiry or a professional sexual harassment investigation. Thus, the sexual harassment investigation may be compromised already at its incipient stage or worse, at the expense of the harassed employees. If not handled properly and objectively, this then can cause severe distress for the victims and damage the long-term reputation of the company. 

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Today, companies are investing on assessments on workplace climate and training programs aimed at strengthening the capacities of their HRs to handle sexual allegations complaints. Others are hiring third-party investigators to conduct prompt and thorough professional sexual harassment investigations. The latter tend to be more practical given that it takes away a crucial responsibility from the HR so they can focus on their other important tasks and at the same time, ensures expert and fair handling of the cases. In Los Angeles County and surrounding areas, the Intrepid Protective Solutions offer professional and experienced sexual harassment investigation services in different workplaces. With more than two decades of experience in investigative industry handling various workplace-security related cases and sexual harassment