6 Ways An Investigator Spots A Liar

Most people don’t hire a private investigator to look into someone they trust completely. Private Investigations happen because someone is suspicious of deceit. After years of dealing with homicide investigations as a detective in law enforcement, I have learned how to pick up on the nuances of someone being deceitful.
How Investigators Spot a Liar
Here are a few tips to recognize a dishonest person:
  1. What they say and what they do doesn’t match. For instance, the liar will say “yes,” but shake his head “no”.
  2. He may repeat the question before answering. He wants to get his story straight.
  3. The person may cover his mouth or eyes. Subconsciously, he is literally hiding from your response to his fabrication.
  4. If the person is abnormally fidgety, he may be lying. Straightening things around the room or grooming himself (adjusting hair, tie, cuff-links) can be a sign of story telling.
  5. When his story is questioned, he might leave out specific details, afraid that he could forget the web he weaves and be caught in his own words.
  6. If he has to think long and hard about something that should be simple and quick, he could be lying.

What’s the bottom line for a private investigator?

Your powers of observation are the only thread that ties together all the above points. Any one of these actions on their own can be a false positive. A person may just be plain fidgety, or be especially self conscious about a bad hair day. When someone exhibits a few of these behaviors in one sitting, you may start to get a “gut feeling”. By extension if someone suddenly changes their mannerisms or appears to shut down, you’ll notice your gut reaction as well.

If you pay attention to the world and people around you these patterns of behavior become plain as day. It’s one of the many gifts of the human brain to us after thousands of years of relational intelligence. Pay attention to people and you may surprised by what you discover.

If you have sneaking suspicions and need to know the truth, our private investigator team can help you find it. We have be trained to recognize the little discrepancies that can often point to a bigger problem.

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