Sheep Is To Wolf As Civilian Is To …

Many of us live in the world as sheep. We aren’t stupid or smelly, but we often go about our lives without thinking about the wolf lurking around the corner.

Shepherds Were The Original Security Service

Terrorist attacks and shootings are becoming commonplace. We can no longer pretend that just because we are in a house of worship, are with our families at the movies, or sending our children off to school, that we are actually safe. Private security services are becoming more prevalent.

We see our personal security guards as shepherds.  It is their job to be on the lookout for anything that would compromise the safety of the sheep. Hiring security services means that people can live their lives without fear. The shepherd is always on alert so they sheep don’t have to be.

It is foolish to think that a college student with a shirt that says “security” is enough to deter a mentally unstable man with a gun. That’s why we personally interview, speak to references, and investigate the careers of each member of our security staff.

Who can I hire for a reliable security service?

Glad you asked. We believe that people who have the training and experience of protecting our communities and our country make the best security guards. These men and women continue to protect us from domestic threats in their careers as private security men and women.

We choose men and women that we personally know would do anything to protect a civilian. Each one has proven his and her self on the battlefield or behind a badge. Many years of experience in law enforcement, dealing with everything from gangs to homicides has taught us how to find the best shepherds to protect the sheep. If we were hiring a security service to protect our own families and businesses, we wouldn’t settle for anything less.

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