The #1 Way to Stay Safe In A Public Place

It is easy to forget that the world around us is a dangerous one. But, I believe that if you act like a victim, you will become a victim. So how do you stay safe in a public place?
How To Stay Safe In A Public Place
The answer is to not act like a victim. A victim never sees the attack coming.
The best thing that we can do for our safety and the safety of our family is to be aware of our surroundings and who is in them.
Here are some ways that you can stay aware in a public place or at home:
  • Watch people. Look at the expression on their face, their body language, what they are wearing.
  • When you are inside, sit somewhere where you can see the entrance. It is much more difficult to get caught off guard when you can see anyone coming toward you.
  • If you see some sort of unpleasant or loud situation, get away! Not everyone is a good pitcher. Someone could hit you with cutlery or silverware if they decide to throw it at the target of their anger and miss.
  • Look at people’s waist bands. If they are hiding a weapon under their shirt, it will often print through when they move or bend over.
  • Install security cameras in front of your home. This will act as a deterrent for criminals looking for an easy target. It will also give you a good look at anyone that is poking around where they shouldn’t be.

How can I stay safe in a public place?

If you’re asking the question, “Am I safe in this venue?”, then congratulations. You’re already ahead of the pack. Look at the security people on staff, try to determine where they’re looking and if they seem alert. From their your gut will tell you whether you’re safe or not — because your life is in their hands.
It’s difficult to detect a threat in a large crowd of people. Dangerous individuals commit random acts of violence to elicit shock and surprise as one of their primary goals. We know many terrorists use this to their advantage. Group events and houses of worship are excellent candidates for private security services.
So what’s the number one way to stay safe in a public place?
Don’t be a victim, victims are unaware of their surroundings, so be aware of what’s going on around you. Your gut is usually right—if you don’t feel safe then get out.
Hiring private security services for your family, your neighborhood, your business, or your event closes windows of opportunity for dangerous people. A trained guard on patrol doesn’t enjoy the concert, he scans for risk. As the world continues to evolve, the good private security firms will evolve as well. Keeping people safe isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

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