Should I Hire A Private Investigator?

A background check might not be enough to tell you what you need to know about a job applicant, a witness, or even a lover. People lie. But a good private investigator is trained 1) to ask the right questions and 2) to get answers to those questions. If you’re on this page then you’ve asked the question, “Should I hire a private investigator?”

Let us try to help you decide whether to hire a private investigator.

Should I Hire A Private Investigator?
P.I.s discover the truth. If you want the truth, and can handle the truth, then yes you’re probably on the right track in hiring an investigator. Cinematic puns aside, it is important to understand a detective may prove your suspicions either true or false. Be ready for both.
P.I.s aren’t a public service, and don’t get money from the government to cover their salaries. Their services cost money, because they have bills just like the rest of us. You should get quotes from a couple different investigators before proceeding (just like you would from a plumber or auto mechanic). It helps if the investigation may yield financial benefits to you such as recovering stolen property or funds. If you have a decent budget for this investigation, then read on!
P.I.s are typically former law enforcement officers or military veterans. (This is especially true with Intrepid Protective Solution’s investigators). As such they follow a code of ethics that prevents them from engaging in criminal acts. Don’t ask them to do something dubious such as make a false case against someone, or fabricate evidence. If your investigation is on the up-and-up, good. We’re getting closer to making a case for hiring a private investigator.
The colder the trail, the longer the investigation. Cold cases and ancient history have something in common, someone has to dig them up. Usually this means a lot of digging. For example if you suspect your spouse of a current extra-marital affair, then a private investigator is a good fit for you. On the other hand you’re hiring an investigator to uncover the truth of events over a decade old then expect to pay a bit more for the extra legwork.
“Should I hire a private investigator?”
We’re still working on the answer. There are so many skills important to discreet investigations, that we decided to include them in a list below. Not all these skills will be relevant to your specific case, but a few of them should jump off the page at you.

Our private investigators:

  • Are experts at finding people.
  • Know legal parameters (violations, surveillance laws, invasions of privacy) so that findings hold up in court.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Can detect deception.
  • Are trained to deal with dangerous people.
  • Gather business intelligence.
  • Validate/invalidate insurance claims.
  • Will help you find out what is REALLY going on.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Dig up past events, secrets, and relationships.
  • Interview executives.
  • Locate and vet witnesses for civil and criminal lawsuits.
  • Find facts.
  • Perform surveillance undetected.
  • Are professional.
  • Handle cases with sensitivity.
  • Are persistent.
We work with businesses, law firms, insurance companies, court defendants, and individuals. Years of experience working in law enforcement have made us the authority in reading people and finding out the truth for our clients.

Coming back to your question, “Should I hire a private investigator?”

There are a few cases where we recommend not hiring a private investigator. If you have a low budget and can only afford a “bargain box” investigation, then it’s probably not a good idea. This is especially true if you want a cold case researched. Also avoid a P.I. if you don’t want the truth, and are more interested in building a case to match a grudge.
Seekers of truth who have set aside a budget for a thorough investigation (even if it’s a modest budget) are excellent clients to work for. We would strongly recommend hiring a qualified detective, and make sure you get a few quotes before signing a contract.
If you want experts with over 20 years experience in civil and criminal investigations while on duty as police officers, I think you’ve found them. You should be aware of the risks, the costs, and the benefits of hiring a detective. Now all that’s left is to reach out to our private investigator team for a free quote.

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